The single-shot rifle model V98
The V98 model has been designed so as to avoid the defects of existing single barrel rifle,
while preserving their advantages.
Existing models
Up to now (with the exception of repeaters the magazine of which has been suppressed), all single-shot rifle had, either:
Fixed, or foldings barrel actions.
The fixed barrel actions
The folding barrel actions
  There are many fixed barrel actions.Most of them are more than one hundred years old : Martni (1869), Farquharson (1872), Fraser (1675), Heeren (1881).Such rifles are highly accurate, but their main drawback is that they cannot be field stipped for transport, or during the long walks out of the proper hunting configuration.
Such guns can be field stipped in two parts by folding and removing their barrels, for an easy transport. Unfortunately, they are also loaded by folding their barrel, which is uneasy from a rest, and highly difficult, when prone. Moreover, the amplitude of the motion required may attract the game attention. Another major drawback of this kind of action, is its lack of rigidity, having a detrimental effect on accuracy.  
The V98 rifle specifications
  Easy of transport : Very fast field stripping, by folding the barrel only, which involves a great compactness for transport.
  Easy of handling : The very short action ( 1.45'') of the V98, result into a 36.8'' lenght overall for a 21.45'' barrel. Moreover, the gun is quite light (6.2 pounds, approximately).
  Easy of loading : easy loading and unloading, as it is the case with fixed barrel actions, without risk of faulty handling, when shooting the rifle prone, or from a rest.
Barrel interchangeability : The breechblock unit, specific to each barrel, remains attached to it, upon field stripping, thus providing true barrel interchangeability without detrimental effect on accuracy.

Sturdiness : As it is the case for the majority of fixed barrel designs, the V98 features a falling block action, the best for the most accurate shooting.

Axial percussion : Such device, usually specific to bolt action rifles, is known for providing a perfectly centered percussion and, therefore, the most regular powder ignition.

Free barrel expansion : On the V98 rifle, there is no contact between the free floating barrel and the forearm, for best accuracy.

Trigger mechanism steadiness : Single trigger arrangment providing a direct let-off (so called "American", in Europe), which must mandatorily be set on a bench.Such device is very simple and can hardly be put out of order.Moreover, it is highly reliable.

A self cocking, with optionnal hand cocking action:
The V98 single-shot rifle features a cocking device, both highly sophisticated and very simple to operate:
A thumb-operated external selector cocks and uncocks the internal hammer by easily shifting its position

from "S" to "F"

  The "S" position is necessarily felt by the thumb of the shooting hand when gripping the stock. This specific feature of the V98 rifle advises the shooter that is uncocked and that he must shift the selector to "F", for bringing it into the firing configuration. Selector on "S"  
The mainspring is unbent,which prevents any percussion.The hunter can, accordingly, safely move, with his gun loaded. This configuration also allow a safe loading or unloading.
Selector on"F"
The mainspring is bent and the gun is cocked, in firing configuration.

The main specific feature of this action is that it is self-cocking with the selector in the" F"configuration enabling the hunter to double very fast.

  If the gun has been automatically cocked on loading, by only shifting the selector from "F" to "S", the mainspring is unbent and the V98 rifle is again perfectly safe.
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